Lyrics of Original Songs

All lyrics are copyright © Martyn Rapley. All rights reserved.


Night, it’s falling fast
Watching the sun sink
I think of you
Feelings I can’t hide

Say you’ll be mine tonight
It’s cold outside, you decide
’cause I need you now
I’ll be your guiding light
Say you’ll be mine tonight

Now the time is right
We are not lovers I don’t know why
I want you


Here you turn my way
Our eyes meet I know you sense it too
I need you
d you


Miss You Now

If she was here to see the sky tonight
The stars would light her face
Her smile would shine
I listen to the radio the songs all hers
Words I could never find

She is the best part of the day
When we’re apart time falls upon it’s knees
Over and over, over again
A million times she’s heard me say

I miss you now
Though our love is older
I miss you now
I’ve been thinking it over now
How un-natural it feels to be apart from you
I miss you now

On the road again coming home again
I count the miles to get to you
Now I realise when I’m on my own
I’m like the ground without rain


Through all the years all the tears
You stood by me I’d never be alone
When I am I’m half the man
I wanna be


Without You

What were we thinking of
Allowing ourselves to be alone
What can we do now this has all begun
You’re all I’m thinking of
I’m lost and on my own
What can we do now this can’t be undone

Our eyes are giving us away
Your eyes are begging me to stay

When it feels this good how can it be wrong
When our self-control is just not strong
I never wanna go,
never wanna be without you

All that I want to do
Is tell the world what we choose to hide
What could they do,
would they try to make us bleed
Nothing has felt so real
As the feeling for you locked-up inside
Being with you is all now that I need

Our eyes are giving us away
Your eyes are begging me to stay


Our eyes are giving us away
Don’t wanna wait another day


When it feels this good how can it be wrong
When our self-control is just not strong
I don’t wanna wait another single day without you
Without you

Only Dreaming

Driving down a dusty road
Torn map on the seat
In my life’s episodes
It’s been a one-way street

I was finding my way
I was seizing the day
But I should’ve known
I was only dreaming the day

Bestest friends and tree-house days
School-time summer leave
Keeping up the latest craze
Time hardly seemed to breathe


Driving down this dusty road
My past’s in the back
For my life’s episodes
I’ll draw another map

I Need To Know

Sunday and the morning after
Wonder if you’re thinking of me too
Last night you left your number with me
Now I don’t know if I should call you

I need to know
Tell me to stay or tell me to go
I need to know
Do you think it can work or do you think I’m a jerk

Visions of your friends all laughing
‘What did you do?’ was the common question asked
I stand here by the phone now wondering
If I call how long will the conversation last


Stalker Song

I was in for trouble I started to fear
You were all eyes looking at my rear
I had to get away but Lord what could I do
I told my friends and they agree
And now you’re known as no.3
Since you tried to trap me in the loo

You know this song’s for you
But you’re not one of a kind
I know what to call you
One word Os One word springs to mind. Stalker mind. Stalker

Then when you took guitar
I found flowers on my car
But that was not to be my biggest fright
It came when you said calmly
That you had photos-all of me
And lay them on your bed every night


Late on night woke by the phone
I wish that you’d leave me alone
Now I know you really are insane
I spoke with real hostility
But you just kept on calling me
When my girl picked up you never called again


You Make Me

I wasn’t really looking
I’d been hurt before so had you
Losing sleep heading for a fall
I fall for you

You make me feel awake now
You make me feel I’m never on my own
You make me feel I’m living
You make me feel you’ve made me

You need to know my feelings
They’ve been locked inside deep inside
When you look my way dear
I lose my mind